Thursday, June 9, 2011


Other things we did:

Learned to ride a bike.....

Did some brotherly walking...

Said some weird stuff about animals....

Enjoyed the aftereffects of some rain...

Beat the heat....

And picked up a few crude expressions.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The past 3 weeks

Wow, it has been a while. Oh well, that Exorcist-esque stomach bug that the boys had knocked me on my ass for a bit. Man, that was bad stuff.

Anywho, as always, we've been busy.

Sarah made me get a haircut do she could feel like she's married to a middle aged out of shape Justin Beiber impersonator

The boys reprised an adorable pose from last summer

Grandma Big K visited, bearing books. To mark the occasion, I put the boys in their best henleys.

Jakey on revolution 9,000,000,000 around the train table. Diaper by Pampers.

"And from the light an angel babe shall be delivered unto the train table..."

It got really hot

After I picked Jakey up from a Pinochle tournament we hit the splash park

Graham grew about 14 feet

Really no caption needed, is there?

Jakey, did you do it?

How did he get so big? I mean, I barely feed him.

Saving some for later

Brothers trying to catch ants on a sidewalk. I'm kind of convinced Graham's hair is made of iron and has just rusted to that color.

We went to a AAA baseball game. The real action was in the family seating, where Jakey DEMOLISHED a hot dog, macaroni salad and home fries.

Beating the heat in diapers.

Jakey conquered Baby France

Jakey also seems to have inherited the Batman mask. Of course, the only true way to celebrate such a passing of the torch is to get your Barbie on.

Later this week....The videos!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Stomach flu

Good lord. Everyone in the house except for myself has been down with stomach flu this week. It has been a never-ending parade of puke, poo, crying and misery. And that's just Sarah (I kid).

Hopefully everyone pulls out of it this weekend, because if I have to watch Scooby Doo: Camp Scare one more time I will literally shoot someone.

Jakey, who pooped?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More random cuteness

"So, I think the real difficulty of being 1 is the communication barrier..."

"...But I am interested in your opinions as well and would welcome a discourse over...say, a walk?"

Even though he pushes me down a lot, I just can not get enough of this dude in red.

Who, me?
Finally, we gave Jakey Grahambo's old Cozy Coupe. It went, how do you say?, not well.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Good bye youth

So, as I said earlier, I sold my motorcycle. It hurt, but I'm old and fat and middle aged, so I guess it makes sense to now drive a minivan instead of a two wheeled sex machine. Oh well.

Anywho, Grahambo helped me get it all cleaned up for the new owner and he was pretty funny about it.

The more I get on myself, the cleaner it gets, right?

The Lady Gaga of motorcycle washing

"Work it, Make it, Do it, Makes us...

"...Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"

And of course, the new Rose Royce
And so that's that. Bike was shipped off last Saturday to a newly divorced member of the State Liquor Board. Life is, of course, terrible.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More photo evidence that we are still alive

Why, hello there. Have you ever seen what I have in my left hand? 

Seriously, what the hell is this thing?

I'm Graham. I have started growing out of my clothes very quickly.

Also, for some reason I want to break my parents's hearts by looking about 7 in this picture.

Jakey practicing for the changing of the guard at the royal wedding.

The loneliness of the cop on the library playroom beat

Graham introducing Jakey to the free scoop of ice cream that he routinely scams from the local coffee shop

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bye Bye

So, today is a sad day around the Welsh Farm. I finally assessed my situation (my well being, the interest of my children, our financial status and my amount of free time) and made a decision.

I sold my motorcycle. In the words of Yoda "Suburban wimp have you become".

Luckily I have this guy to make me feel better.